The RMRS Civilian team has developed  a series of displays depicting Roman life in the First Century A.D. 

The Surgeon With surgical instruments that are recognisable even to doctors today. Some with a gruesome history.

A Roman Kitchen With cooking pots, pottery dishes, cutlery and food that will surprise and delight. Come and taste a genuine Roman recipe!

The Scribe Come and see Latin being written, and even try your hand at it yourself! Many examples of Roman writing to view - see copies of the political posters from Pompeii, graffiti, curses, and more.

Roman Religion With a backdrop of Mithras slaying the bull, see how varied Roman religion was and, how vitally important it was to everyone's lives. Children's Toys Toys have always been fascinating from other centuries, now we can show you toys from the Roman period.  Toys were not so sophisticated then, but things are not so different.  After all, how many parents buy expensive toys to find the child will play with the box more than the toy itself!

Children's Tunics How did the children dress in the First Century? Get your child to try on a toga, think of the photographs!  Bespoke armour for the smaller legionary also available to try!

Roman Stories and Poetry For children of all ages from 3 to 103, the myths and legends of the Roman period, some of them pinched from the Greeks!  Come and laugh, cry and feel every emotion.

Roman Medicinal Herbs Our apothecary can show you herbs that were used for many different purposes than they are today.  Includes many herbs that are unusual but are once again becoming popular with the herbalist of today.

Mosaics Used for centuries, by various different cultures, these beautiful decorations are displayed, and you even can make your own!

Spinning, weaving  and dyeing A very important industry.  Spinning and dyeing were often carried out at home, and the women of the household would weave the whole family's clothes.

Hair and Makeup Make-up! You would be surprised at what they used on their faces, squashed flies for instance, to make mascara!  The hairstyles, from the simple to the positively outrageous.

All civilian re-enactors, like the army, wear realistically authentic dress, with jewellery, shoes, tunics, hairpins etc.  Some even wear wigs!

Sosia Juncina